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Optimus Prime Titanium Box

Optimus Prime Titanium Box

Optimus Prime Titanium Box

The Optimus Prime Titanium Box, transformers. The box itself is well-shaped already for display, without needing to remove the figure from the box. The retail price is around $20 to $30 USD, was on sale during 2008-2009, and becomes harder to find lately. The figure contain metal/die-cast parts in arms, chest and legs, pretty well articulated like action figures, but contains loose, hard-to-pose frames, so it is recommended to leave it in the box for best displaying posture. A collector's must have for this optimus prime, transformers cool figure.

shinning tears always have great characters' design, this white swimming suit figure is one of the nicest made by Alter.

the Best ignis figure made by Max Factory. Strongly recommended.

Black Lagoon Max Factory

Nice figure, don't you think?

Tenjo Tengi black Hair Figure

Fate Stay Night detail figure

Melty blood Girl Figure

This is one of the most detail ikki tousen figure. Must BUY!!
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