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ikki tousen - battle vixens - Strength of a Thousand

ikki tousen - battle vixens - Strength of a Thousand

ikki tousen - battle vixens - Strength of a Thousand

In the Kanto Plain of Japan, high schools in the area are little more than fronts for what appear to be nothing more than gangs who all wear a strange earring. Within these schools, students fight to be the top-rated fighters in order to represent their school at the very unofficial Great Fighter's Tournament. However, what appears to be nothing more than thugs fighting street battles is in reality ancient Chinese history coming back to replay itself in modern times with students having names of various warriors from that time.

Into this world comes the idiot Sonsaku Hakufu, who's just transfered to her cousin Koukin's school Nanyou and she and her mother move into Koukin's home. She arrives at school looking for a fight, only to be taught a lesson by powerful figher Gakushuu. But while her only interest is to fight stronger and stronger people, others see her as a threat and the order is put out to kill her and her cousin vows to protect her. Why is Hakufu so feared when she doesn't seem that great a fighter? Will these high school students be able to break from their destiny?

Tenjo Tengi black Hair Figure

Melty blood Girl Figure

Fate Stay Night detail figure

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Black Lagoon Max Factory
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